Welcome to our 2017 class selection page!

  • 1st, use the filters to the right of this page (under the search box…) it will remove classes that you can’t take and make your selection process easy! Because many classes are offered in several colleges, it may LOOK like everything is for directors...it is just first in the alphabet and it selects that as the color!
  • 2nd, to select a class, click the little circle on the far left.  All the other classes during this time will “ghost out” and you are done.  If you change your mind, click the same circle again, and all the classes will re-appear, ready for you to select.
  • 3rd, if you bought add on tickets (Private Lessons or Harmony Brigade), the only way to select these classes is if you purchased them in Eventbrite.  If you forgot…it’s OK.  But you have to go back through Eventbrite and pay again…but only for the items you wish to add.
  • 4th, all the classes listed on Monday (except private lessons) are your core Monday to Friday classes.  SCHED won’t let us list them as weeklong events, so we write M-F at the end of the class title.  Just like high school take the same class at each day at 10:30 am, 2 pm, 3:15, 4:30, or even an optional "early bird" at 8 am.
  • 5th, our 4:30 classes do not meet on Friday evening.  This is why all classes are 15 minutes longer, making up this lost time.
  • Finally, SCHED does NOT have a SUBMIT button…and that scares the heck out of many folks.  We don’t like this feature either.  Just know that once you select, it’s in.  Trust.
  • Frustrated?  Watch one of our several tutorial videos with Dean Donny on the HU Website…sometimes you just have to see a picture. Still frustrated?  Stop, get a cool refreshing drink, and shoot an email to harmonyu@barbershop.org, and we will help!

Special Note:
Some courses are "College Specific" which means you must be enrolled in that particular college to take the course. You will receive an error message if you attempt to register for a course that isn’t considered "Open" for other attendees to participate. 

If you’re looking for other information, you can click the "General Information" tab below or visit: www.barbershop.org/harmony-university

This event is private and invite-only.
If you need an account, please contact the event organizer.